About Us

Purpose-Built Systems

Customer Driven Design and Development

Air Rover offers a unique advantage—flexibility. We can rapidly change our manufacturing procedures based on customer feedback. For instance, over the course of our relationship with the US Marine Corps, we provided environmental control units for testing at the USMC base in Yuma, AZ before they were put into service. Several ideas emerged that helped the overall deployment and capabilities of our units.

Innovation at Work

Air Rover developed the first air cooled (condenser) portable air conditioners manufactured in the U.S. Our steady growth was funded via the largest Small Business Administration backed loan ever secured in Tyler, Texas. Soon after we began our manufacturing operation, we were awarded a New Item Introductory contract by the General Services Administration. For twenty years, Air Rover products have been on the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS). Air Rover’s GSA Schedule 56 Contract number is 47QSWA18D008H.

In the early 1990's, Air Rover’s engineers concentrated on environmental control units (ECUs) designed to cool command centers for the J-Star program built by Motorola and used in operation Desert Storm. Since then, we have continued product development in our core business of refrigerated portable air conditioners; widely used in computer rooms, telephone equipment rooms, factory workstations, process cooling, offices, factory hot spots and many more locations.

Air Rover engineers excel at designing and integrating systemized accessories for standard installations (i.e. Ceiling Package, Window/Wall Package, and Roof Package) or special projects requiring transitions for adapting the cooling systems to enclosed conveyors, electrical test panels, and computer or communications equipment. Optional duct transitions are available on all models which allow single or multiple connections for customers’ special cooling requirements.