Global Pandemic Creates Clean Air Winners and Losers.  Why So Many IAQ Strategies Fail to Deliver.

Author: David Manuele, Technical Sales Manager

Improving indoor air quality (IAQ) has always been thought of as a “luxury”. But when COVID-19 spread like wildfire, the demand for air purifiers sky-rocketed. Perhaps out of desperation or budget constraints, people bought cheap household air purifiers and used them in places like dental clinics, schools and gyms.

In the absence of clear IAQ guidance, businesses began placing bets on which air purifiers would keep people safe.  I am about to explain why not all air purifiers are created equal and how over the past year, there have been IAQ winners and losers.

Who are the winners?  Businesses that did more than just “check the box”.  They did their homework and learned the role of aerosols which cause indoor spread of the virus.  Then they set out to find the right air purifier rather than the cheapest.  

An Air Rover customer who owns a dental practice told me he doesn’t regret making such a large investment in clean air.  He has had “thousands” of patients come through and zero coronavirus cases have been reported. 

Now let’s talk about who lost.  Businesses which decided a household air purifier was “good enough”.   The problem with “good enough” is that it doesn’t reduce, slow or stop sicknesses from spreading.  Merely ‘pretending’ to clean the air may even do more harm than good, because people assume the air is protected and let their guards down.

We’ve had hundreds of sales consultations since last year.  Most people we talk to underestimate how many air changes they need to make the air safe.  Research shows a minimum of 4-6 air changes per hour (ACH) is required to diffuse dangerous pathogens.  We always recommend 12 air changes in high-traffic or high-risk commercial spaces.  We have all heard “you get what you pay for” and the same is true with air quality.  If you pay for 2 air changes, you will only get 2 air changes! 

Air purifiers play a critical role allowing businesses to re-open safely.  It is tempting to choose a low-cost, consumer grade product.  But keep in mind these cannot deliver enough air changes to protect against the threat.  By comparison, Air Rover’s Air Protections Systems are designed to be highly effective in most commercial settings.


Be a winner.  Don’t waste your time and money on systems that fail to deliver.  Select an air purifier that kills viruses instantly and has the data to back it up. Keep your business open, help your customers feel safe and keep your workforce healthy and productive.