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Part 2: What is the Air Rover difference?

Author: David Ferguson, Sales Application Engineer

Air Rover’s precision-crafted systems combine the best of today’s technologies to eliminate over 99.9% of viruses and pathogens from the air in minutes not hours!  Jeremy R., the Biddeford Schools Superintendent (above) recognized the difference and that’s why he relies on APS to keep his students and faculty safe during the pandemic.

  • CFM: Careful!  Air Rover CFM ratings are based on the actual operating capabilities of the unit with all filters installed. The competition often gives you a “free flow” CFM rating which is before filters are installed.  Notice the true CFM of our competitor is 150 less than advertised.
    • APS1000: 800CFM
    • APS2000: 2000CFM
    • Competition Example: 500CFM (free flow) 350 CFM (with filters)
  • UV-C: Air Rover designed our units to provide adequate UV-C light to inactivate over 99% of viruses in a single air pass.  Always double-check UV-C wattage. The competition uses the bare minimum UV-C and it takes multiple air passes to inactivate viruses to the same +99% efficacy.
    • APS1000: 80 watts UV-C
    • APS2000: 255 watts UV-C
    • Competition: 8 – 38 watts UV-C
  • HEPA: Filter size does matter.  HEPA filters are rated by their efficiency at filtering out particles based on the surface area of the filter.  Where most manufacturers use a 2” thick HEPA filter, Air Rover uses a 12” thick HEPA filter.  This larger filter allows the APS units to filter at higher air flows than the competition at the same efficiencies.
    • APS1000: 24” x 12” x 12” filter
    • APS2000: 24” x 24” x 12” filter
    • Competition: 2” thick filter
  • Bi-Polar Ionization: Ionization is a technology that is not endorsed by the CDC or ASHRAE.  This technology usually produces harmful ozone as a biproduct of the technology.  Air Rover does not use ionization in its Air Protection System and our UV-C light does not produce ozone.
    • APS1000: UV-C Light (No Ionization) = No Ozone
    • APS2000: UV-C Light (No Ionization) = No Ozone
    • Competition: Ionization = May Produce Harmful Ozone

The Air Rover Air Protection Systems are designed to perform at the highest efficiency possible with each pass of air through the system.  This high efficiency allows Air Rover’s APS to remove harmful pathogens from the air much faster than our competitors’ products.  Do not be fooled by air purifiers that claim to provide protection in large areas.  Most of these machines will take hours to remove +99% of the harmful viruses and pathogens you are breathing.  The Air Rover Air Protection System will remove the harmful viruses and pathogens, including the dangerous SARS- CoV-2 virus, in a matter of minutes.  The speed and efficiency of APS offers you the cleanest, safest air possible for your business  and commercial spaces.