Cleanroom and Laboratories

Air Rover Provides Custom Environmental Control Unit Solutions

Cleanrooms and laboratories need precise temperatures and humidity to maintain safe operations. To satisfy these requirements, Air Rover is a leading provider of highly-reliable, precision-engineered environmental control units (ECUs). We manufacture our products at our plant in Tyler, TX, but they are utilized around the world to control the climates in testing laboratories, high-use spaces, healthcare facilities, and various other cleanrooms. In addition to standard ECU laboratory applications, Air Rover can also create custom cleanroom solutions to meet your specific needs or those of a client. Call us at (903) 877-3430 today to learn more about how we can help.

Understanding ECU Laboratory Applications

Research facilities, laboratories, and areas with medical imaging rooms require special equipment for environment control to ensure worker safety is not compromised and all samples are protected. Air Rover – which has been recognized as a "Supplier of the Year" by General Atomics-ASI – has a host of ECU laboratory applications to maintain consistent temperatures, humidity levels, and air quality within these highly-regulated environments. While guaranteeing a climate that is conducive to your operations and research, our portable air conditioners also feature high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration systems to control airborne particulates. This feature further enhances research safety. Whether you are using your cleanrooms and laboratories for pioneering research, development, or preservation, Air Rover's ECUs are sure to be a beneficial addition to your enterprise.

Custom Cleanroom Solutions to Meet Your Stringent Needs

We know that all operations, cleanrooms, and laboratories are not of the cookie-cutter variety. Because your projects may be unique, we can capably create custom cleanroom solutions to meet all of your environmental control needs. We recognize that ventilation and filtration stipulations are more stringent for cleanrooms than any other area, which is why we have spent more than 30 years developing strategies to ensure safety and compliance with restrictions. Among our areas of expertise are:

  • Testing Laboratories – We know that scientists are working tirelessly behind the scenes to develop life-saving drugs and evaluate the efficiencies of modern practices in testing laboratories throughout the world. Air Rover's ECUs help ensure experts can perform these assessments in highly-controlled environments.
  • High-Use Spaces – Expansive research facilities are often considered high-use spaces. Within the facilities, there are often rooms or laboratories that are used for different purposes, each needing a separate customized environment. Our adaptable ECUs are perfect for spaces occupied by researchers in various fields.
  • Healthcare – Dealing with patients and diseases is a delicate undertaking. For healthcare professionals, custom cleanroom solutions are a necessity to avoid spreading or compromising bacteria or infected individuals. Air Rover's ECU laboratory applications are transferrable to the healthcare setting, where they can quickly adapt to any circumstance.

Contact Air Rover for Custom Cleanroom Solutions Today

Air Rover is well-known for delivering dependable, long-lasting ECUs that are useful in a variety of scenarios. Our portable products are ideal for laboratories, high-use research facilities, and healthcare spaces, among other settings that require strict adherence to temperature, humidity, and air quality requirements. With experienced professionals and a manufacturing plant in Tyler, TX, we can competently create custom cleanroom solutions to meet any of your needs. Call us today at (903) 877-3430 to discuss your options.