Custom ECU Units

Air Rover Manufactures Custom-Built Aircraft ECUs

Air Rover customizes aircraft environmental control units (ECUs) from its plant in Tyler, TX. Our custom-built ECUs maintain optimal environmental conditions for specific payloads onboard spacecraft containers, spacecraft processors, satellite antenna hubs, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), among other aircraft. It is crucial to sustain a consistent temperature, air pressure, and composition to ensure the safety of any aircraft personnel while also protecting any sensitive equipment that is vital to the operation. That is why Air Rover has spent more than three decades innovating and improving our precision-engineered ECUs. Contact us at (903) 877-3430 to learn more about our capabilities.

Understanding the Benefits of Custom-Built ECUs

Manned and unmanned aircraft must have monitors in place to safeguard all electronic equipment on board. When performing a calculated mission, it is imperative that all operations run smoothly and efficiently. Our engineering team develops customized solutions for a host of different aircraft using HVAC systems simulation software; fan/blower selection software; CAD software; and failure mode, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA). These tools help create aircraft environmental controls that ensure safety and effectiveness.

Settings for Air Rover's Aircraft Environmental Controls

Air Rover's aircraft environmental control capabilities extend to various types of settings and equipment. Our reliable, custom-built ECUs apply to the following:

Spacecraft Containers

Spacecraft containers typically comprise a thermally-insulated tub and removable lid with external thermal insulation. Our custom-built ECUs can address the need for active environmental control of the inner atmosphere, maintain cleanroom requirements if necessary, and regulate air filtering systems.

Spacecraft Processing

Military personnel and aerospace professionals have a multitude of reasons to utilize aircraft environmental controls for spacecraft processing. Heat-sensitive equipment and electronics that must remain dry and pressurized are vital to aerial missions. Our custom-built ECUs can control contaminants, protect onboard personnel, and regulate the exchange of fluids and gases, among other capabilities.


Aircraft facilities are highly-technical environments that must maintain a stable climate with consistent temperatures, humidity, and air pressure to guarantee the efficacy of all projects. Air Rover's line of products exceeds industry standards and promotes pristine working environments free of climatic liabilities.

Satellite Antenna Hubs

Aerospace missions that utilize satellite antenna hubs rely on precision to complete the tasks at hand. The settings for these operations are often remote and in hot, humid areas. Despite the heat and air quality, all electronic equipment must remain in exceptional working order. Air Rover's portable custom-built ECUs can keep your technological gear dry and cooled adequately.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

UAVs are typically light and innovative, meaning they can be delicate and highly-susceptible to environment-related fragilities. Air Rover has continued to evolve with emerging technology, allowing us to be an industry leader in custom-built ECUs for such aircraft.

Contact Air Rover for Aircraft Environmental Control Today

Whether you are dealing with military and defense aircraft, commercial aircraft, or any other operations within the aerospace industry, environmental controls are a necessity. Air Rover understands the toll that heat, humidity, and pressure can take on electronics aboard your aircraft. This knowledge is what has driven us to develop safeguards that can keep your equipment functional and dependable. For spacecraft containers, facilities, UAVs, and other specialties, we can create custom-built ECUs that will last. Call Air Rover in Tyler, TX at (903) 877-3430 to learn more about how we can help you.