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Message from Sharla McMichael, Director:

When we realized converting our factory to produce ventilators or face shields wasn’t a viable option, we came up with other ideas to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Air Rover has unleashed its team’s expertise in environmental control to produce solutions to aid in the fight against COVID-19.

The result: the new Series of Air Rover Air Protection Systems (APS), manufactured in Tyler, Texas, USA.

Designed to protect indoor public spaces from dangerous viruses and other contaminants, these Air Protection Systems combine 3 proven purification & sanitization technologies into 1 easy-to-install system.

Air Rover APS technology is versatile. It can:

  • operate as a self-contained appliance – just roll it into the space and turn it on, or
  • be installed indoors with ducting for multiple room applications, or
  • be installed outdoors and integrated into the ductwork of most existing or new HVAC systems.

In addition, we offer APS upgrades for Air Rover’s own line of portable air conditioning units.

Until the onset of the coronavirus, Air Rover made its mark by manufacturing precision-engineered and deployable HVAC systems used to protect vital, temperature sensitive equipment and processes. Our mission has always been to help our customers ensure that their missions are successful.

I can’t think of a better extension of our mission than to protect PEOPLE by improving indoor air quality and reducing the spread of harmful viruses and other VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in buildings everywhere.

I’m proud of what the Air Rover team has created.

Put Air Rover APS technology to work wherever you and your clients need clean, protected air.

Sharla McMichael

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Indoor Air Quality Matters
Now more than ever

Providing safe indoor air quality has taken on a new sense of urgency due to the emergence of COVID-19.

Senior living communities, public schools, day-care centers and offices are just a few examples of places where infectious diseases can quickly infiltrate. Business owners and organizations are doing everything they can to minimize the spread of such diseases, such as enforcing social distancing, encouraging hand washing and performing frequent deep cleaning.

These steps are part of responsible organizations’ COVID-19 Response strategies, but are they enough?

Diseases such as COVID-19 are highly infectious and can be spread through the air we breathe.

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Update Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plans for the post COVID-19 world

As companies and organizations reopen their businesses on the downside of the COVID-19 “curve”, the priorities will be keeping employees and customers safe.

At best, most HVAC systems today trap bacteria and viruses, but they don’t kill them. Virus particles in return ducts can re-enter a building in recirculation sectors of centralized air handling units. Likewise, heat recovery devices may carry particles from the return air over to the supply air, causing diseases to spread.

For indoor air quality (IAQ) plans to be effective, much more than currently-used air purification techniques are needed.

Air Rover can help

Sanitizing the air is key to killing invisible organisms and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which carry diseases like COVID-19, SARS and even more common viruses, such as influenza.

Indoor air sterilization by Ultraviolet C-Spectrum Lighting (UVC) replicates the sun’s natural ability to neutralize pathogens -- something even the highest-rated MERV filters cannot do.

By adding Air Rover Air Protection technology within a building’s HVAC system, everyone inside can breathe easier knowing the air is being continuously sanitized and protected.

ASHRAE COVID-19 (Cornonavirus) Preparedness Resources:

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Air Rover APS2000 3-in-1 Air Protection System

Quickly Convert Indoor Spaces into Clean, Safe Air Environments –

Pair the APS2000 with any 5-Ton or smaller HVAC System

Air Rover’s innovative self-contained APS2000 unit is much more than an air purifier for indoor spaces. It combines the sanitizing power of Ultraviolet-C Spectrum lighting (UVC) by Sterile-Aire™ with HEPA and Carbon filtration systems.

APS2000 are stand-alone systems that can be used with any brand of HVAC unit for new construction and for upgrading virtually any existing HVAC installation.

Need to quickly upgrade an existing HVAC system to produce clean, safe indoor air?

APS By a simple install of an Air Rover APS2000 unit, the building’s HVAC system now delivers a continuous supply of sanitized air. Most importantly, the APS2000’s variable air volume control ensures the space receives up to 12 air exchanges per hour as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for ensuring a cleaner, safer air environment.

The APS2000 is designed for use in public spaces such as schools, restaurants, hotels, senior living centers and offices.

The APS2000 is designed to support 2000cfm of air and up to 2” of additional Static Air Pressure.

Twin Negative Pressure outlets allow for negative pressure applications (use one for typical room configuration, use both for tents or temporary structures with higher air leakage rates).

APS2000 units can be installed outdoors or indoors.

It can be skid-mounted, or in keeping with Air Rover’s propensity for mobility, the APS2000 can be equipped with optional Pneumatic 8” or Hard Rubber 5” casters.

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Air Rover Portable AC Systems with APS Upgrade Option

Optional Air Protection System (APS) Upgrades are available for integration into many standard Air Rover product lines, thereby supplying 2 to 5-tons of cool, sanitized air from a highly reliable, re-locatable AC unit.

(Model Number - AP)

The APS Upgrade includes Ultraviolet-C Spectrum lighting (UVC) - kills 99.99% of airborne bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. For added layers of protection, the Air Rover APS Upgrade also includes HEPA and Carbon filtration systems.