Wherever you see this shield, you can breathe easier knowing your indoor space is being protected by specialists in environmental control.

For almost four decades, Air Rover has designed and manufactured portable air conditioning and air purification solutions considered “Hi-Rel” for:

  • NASA and the Department of Defense
  • Spacecraft manufacturers
  • Satellite Communications manufacturers
  • Aviation manufacturers including makers of unmanned aviation vehicles (UAVs)
  • Many complex commercial applications

“Hi-Rel”, highly-reliable systems, are dictated when the task or equipment is mission-critical and involving risk to human life.

Choose “Hi-Rel” Air Protection Systems (APS) by Air Rover Environmental Control Experts

The 5-Minute Virus Killers

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Whether you manage a senior living community, dental clinic, neighborhood restaurant or university athletic department, your first priority is keeping your people safe.

Protect Your Indoors

Wherever people gather indoors, the risks associated with airborne disease and illness are real and costly. Air Protection Systems provide an easy and highly effective solution. They are portable – just roll in, plug in and turn on. Within five minutes, your indoor space maintains 99% pure, sanitized air.

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