Air Rover Provides Military Environmental Control Units

Air Rover specializes in manufacturing cooling and heating solutions for a variety of military-related applications. From our plant in Tyler, TX, we produce environmental control units (ECUs) designed with the military in mind. Our specialists' skills have evolved with innovative technology to continually provide reliable, precision-engineered ECUs capable of withstanding even the harshest of environments. Our ECUs will protect heat-sensitive equipment associated with aircraft ground support, hangars, military facilities, and shipboards, among other outposts. Call Air Rover at (903) 877-3430 today to learn more about the range of benefits our military ECUs deliver.

Why ECUs Are Critical to Military Operations

Many military systems require ECUs for proper and consistent function. Targeting and calibration systems used for military operations must maintain specific temperature, humidity, and filtration requirements. But in addition to the need for such specific environmental controls, military ECUs must also withstand harsh environments or undergo ruggedization for peak effectiveness. Air Rover's military-grade ECUs, manufactured at our plant in Tyler, TX, are capable of protecting sensitive equipment in conditions ranging from freezing cold to swelteringly hot.

Variety of Military-Related Applications for ECUs

Air Rover supplies supplemental heating and cooling solutions to protect sensitive equipment associated with a variety of military-related applications. Our range of military ECUs can aid operations on land, in the air, or at sea. Our areas of expertise include:

Aircraft Ground Support

Air Rover's Flight Line integrated ECU systems, also known as "cooling carts," are used worldwide as fundamental ground support cooling for avionics onboard United States military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as well as other aircraft. The equipment includes an ECU and a trailer-mounted power generator. Each cart is intended to weather the most rigorous requirements for military ground support and maritime cooling and heating applications.

Large Military Hangars

Large military hangars house a plethora of highly-sensitive equipment that must be kept in particular conditions. As a result of size and stringency, cooling these facilities as well as barracks and warehouses can present challenges. Air Rover's environmental control units can guarantee the safety and protection of all temperature-sensitive electronics, communications equipment, test devices, computers, and IT support equipment for operations being executed domestically or internationally regardless of the prevailing heat and humidity on site.


In addition to our substantial ECUs capable of cooling large military hangars, Air Rover offers ultra-light ECUs that are resistant to corrosion and exceed the strict MIL-STD-810 standards outlined for use aboard space-restricted hot sea vessels. Our units designed for marine use also feature optional electric heat for applications performed in extreme cold.

Contact Air Rover Today for Military ECUs

From our manufacturing plant in Tyler, TX, Air Rover is proud to provide military ECUs for a variety of applications. Our products have helped protect sensitive equipment and electronics at home and abroad, with units capable of cooling aircraft ground support, large military hangars and facilities, and marine vessels. Each of our military ECUs has been designed to weather the most extreme elements and keep your operations running smoothly. Contact Air Rover at (903) 877-3430 today to learn more about how we can assist your missions.