Outdoor Cooling

Air Rover Provides Portable ECUs for Outdoor Events

Air Rover is a leading manufacturer of portable environmental control units (ECUs) for use outdoors. Our highly-reliable, precision-engineered ECUs have helped us earn recognition as a "Supplier of the Year" by General Atomics-ASI. We manufacture our units, which are designed to withstand extreme heat, in our Tyler, TX plant. If you need to cool shelters, tents, or pavilions to maintain personal comfort or protect sensitive equipment, Air Rover's line of portable ECUs for outdoor events is sure to include the perfect piece of equipment for the job. Call us at at (903) 877-3430 today to learn more about our cooling applications.

How Portable ECUs for Outdoors Can Combat Extreme Heat

With more than three decades of experience in the industry, the professionals at Air Rover have continually developed dependable, portable ECUs and HVAC products. We have created custom cooling solutions of varying strengths, sizes, and configurations for use in aerospace, defense, and commercial applications, including outdoor areas of all types. Our portable ECUs for outdoors are made to thrive in even the harshest of conditions. We manufacture each line to address specific concerns, such as extreme heat and extended time, while also conforming to size and space limitations.

Applications of Portable ECUs for Outdoors

Portable ECUs for outdoors can provide temporary cooling solutions in a variety of settings. The products manufactured by Air Rover allow the operator to adjust the thermostat and control the air's circulation as necessary to ensure safety and protection from extreme heat. Among the applications of our portable ECUs for outdoors are:

Hard-Side Shelters

Our portable ECUs include styles that consist of a split cabinet and are ideal for cooling hard-side shelters when ducting is not realistic. For these types, the evaporator section remains inside the tent and the condenser is outside. This feature allows the tent wall to slide between the condenser and evaporator to eliminate the need for ducting. This style is best for hard-side shelters, which are often used for military and defense applications but can be beneficial commercially as well.


Air Rover's portable ECUs for outdoors are practical for tents used during peacekeeping and combat missions by the military. Many of these posts are vulnerable to extreme heat and harsh conditions, putting personnel and sensitive electronics at risk. Our deployable ECUs provide necessary protection from the elements. They feature a skid base that includes lifting handles and the ability to insert wheels or leveling stands to facilitate mobility.

Outdoor Areas

Our premium outdoor AC products are also optimal for special events held in open-air pavilions. Customers rely on our products time and time again to provide reliable, temporary cooling for:

  • Anniversaries
  • Art Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Fundraisers
  • Hospitality Suites
  • Movie Sets
  • Private Parties
  • Sporting Events
  • Vending Booths
  • Weddings

Air Rover's military-grade quality air conditioners will keep your guests and family members comfortable regardless of the prevailing weather.

Contact Air Rover for Portable ECUs for Outdoors Today

Air Rover is among the nation's leading manufacturers of high-quality portable ECUs for outdoors. We have spent more than 30 years perfecting the art of developing reliable ECUs for extreme heat. Our equipment can protect yours and keep you comfortable whether you are participating in military missions in hard-side shelters or enjoying a family gathering at an outdoor pavilion, and everything in between. Call Air Rover at (903) 877-3430 today to learn more about our portable ECUs for outdoors.