APS Inline Modules

COVID-19 virus particles can live in indoor air for up to three hours.

Airborne infection is up to 20 times more likely to occur indoors than outdoors.

Protect your indoor air with complete peace of mind with Air Rover’s Air Protection Systems (APS) Inline modules.

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Three APS Inline modules, each serving a specific purpose, installed in your HVAC systems’ ductwork, provide powerful continuous airflow, air filtration and air disinfection.

These air protection modules are designed for use in:

Elder Care
Fitness Centers


Together, APS Inline modules:

  • Effectively reduce the harmful spread of viruses and bacteria
  • Decrease airborne allergens such as dust, dirt, pollen and mold
  • Remove toxins like anthrax, smoke, asbestos, and virus particles too small for typical HVAC filters
  • Eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds from toxic cleaning chemicals
  • Neutralize and absorb odors

How It Works

In a building-block approach, APS Inline modules work together to continuously deliver pure, safe air by layering:


UV-C lighting; to inactivate viral contaminants


HEPA filtration; to capture the smallest viral airborne particles


High-velocity fan; to boost airflow once the air has been purified

Complete Solutions

Air Rover’s Series of Air Protection Systems (APS) also includes medical-grade in-room portables in two sizes:

Individual Rooms
Large Indoor Spaces

Why Buy From Air Rover?

The Air Protection Systems (APS) Series is a family of premium, medical-grade air purification products designed, engineered and manufactured by environmental control specialists in the USA.

The technologies used in the APS Series are certified, UL listed and compliant with the CDC, OSHA and ASHRAE guidelines for use in medical environments.

Air Rover’s penchant for selecting well proven, high quality components for our designs, stems from our engineering background and corporate culture.

For 35 years, customers in demanding industries and agencies such as the US military, NASA, aerospace, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, electronics and food processing have relied on Air Rover for precision-engineered air conditioning and air purification solutions.

With Air Rover, you provide your people with the purest, safest indoor air possible.

We are seeking to collaborate with channel partners and distributors to make our technology broadly available worldwide. For Air Protection Systems (APS) Series reseller opportunities, contact us at:

Phone:  903-877-3430

Email:  info@airrover.com