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Air Rover’s Air Protection System (APS) Inline module solutions are commercial-grade air filtration and air purification systems – ideal for easy retrofitting into existing HVAC systems.


A Scalable Solution

APS Inline modules are installed in the HVAC system’s supply-side ductwork in any combination, depending on layout and configuration of the facility.

This economical building-block air protection method effectively cleans the air in a “single pass” for HVAC systems up to 6 Tons.

The APS modules can be used in multiple sets to handle the air purification requirements of up to 36-ton HVAC systems.

Typical Installation Configurations:


Set of three modules: UV-C Light, Airflow (fan) and HEPA Filter – for comprehensive, layered air purification and filtration


Airflow (booster fan) and HEPA Filter modules – for highest capture rate of smallest pathogens in the air


UV-C Light; stand-alone module – for safe, unobtrusive UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation)

APS Inline systems incorporate one or more of the following modules, depending on the needs of the customer, size of the facility being protected, and the specifics of the HVAC system:

Airflow module

Airflow module

Super quiet high-static fan
Available in two sizes:
2000 cfm for large commercial spaces
800 cfm for smaller spaces and to create ‘safe air zones’
UL Listed

True HEPA Filter module

True HEPA Filter module

Available in two sizes:
24-in x 24-in x 12-in for large commercial spaces
MERV17, 99.97% @ 0.3 microns, High Capacity, 2000 cfm
24-in x 12-in x 12-in for small spaces
MERV17, 99.97% @ 0.3 microns, High Capacity, 1000 cfm
UL Listed

UV-C Light module

UV-C Light module

4 bulbs, 253.7nm of ultraviolet
C-spectrum disinfecting power
UL Listed

When the UV-C Light module is installed, the air is purified with the first pass of air through the HVAC system. As the air recirculates through the system, the air purification effectiveness increases with each additional pass of air.