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For decades, hospitals and healthcare facilities have relied on UV-C light and HEPA filters to control the spread of airborne infectious diseases.

We won’t take chances with your health. 


Medical-grade UV-C Light module

UV-C Light module

Natural sunlight kills germs. The APS system’s UV-C module replicates this process in a closed, controlled environment using four right-sized UV-C lamps to neutralize harmful particles that pass through the air duct.

Each UV-C Light module consists of 4 bulbs of medical-grade ultraviolet C-spectrum light.

UV-C @ 253.7 nm) UL Listed

Ultraviolet light in the 254-nm wavelength “C” band (UV-C), is particularly effective at killing microbes as it breaks the bacteria or virus DNA chain, rendering the cell incapable of reproducing.  

Healthcare Facilities Today August 1, 2020

Inline Air Purification: UV-C Light or Ionization

Inline, or in-duct, air purifiers are integrated into the business’ or home’s existing HVAC system to clean the air as it passes through the system’s ductwork.

There are two types of inline air purifiers:

  1. UV-C air purifiers
  2. Ionization air purifiers

Which technology to choose?

When selecting the right in-duct air purification system for your business or home, think about what’s most important to your overall air purification goals. UV-C air purification is preferred when the key goal is to neutralize dangerous viruses and germs. Ionizers are helpful when the main concern is with allergens: dust, dander, and pollen particles in the air.

With the APS Inline system, both concerns are easily met by installing the UV-C, high-velocity fan, and HEPA filter modules.

With UV-C, no dirty residue is left behind on surfaces and floors

Ionization air purifiers clean the air by electrically charging air molecules so that they bond with positively charge particles – including dust, smoke, and pollen. When the particles bond, they become heavy and fall on the floor or on a nearby surface. They are only removed when they are swept or vacuumed up over time. With Air Rover’s Inline modules, the unwanted particles are “captured and killed” in the building’s ductwork. There is no residue left for later clean up.

UV-C does not produce dangerous Ozone gas by-products

Unlike with ionization technology, with Air Rover’s UV-C light technology there is no need to worry about gas levels staying within the safety limits set by the EPA and OSHA.

For more information about safety concerns of ionization in air purification products, see these two recent published articles:

Article 1:


Article 2


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HEPA Filter module

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)

A NASA study documented that HEPA filters can stop particles as small as .03 microns – the approximate size of the coronavirus.

That’s why we only use medical-grade HEPA filters in Air Rover Air Protection Systems. APS Inline’s HEPA module is the highest efficiency filter available and captures 99.97% of 0.3-micron viral particles and other pollutants in the air.

HEPA Filter module
UL Listed


All furnaces come with a pre-installed filter designed to catch large particles in the air as they move throughout the HVAC system. However, they were never designed to capture and kill microscopic disease-causing virus particles and other dangerous air contaminants.

An extended media filter is a thick set of specially designed MERV-rated filters, installed in-duct, that enhance the filtration powers of the existing HVAC system.

MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) is a 20-point scale for measuring how effective air filters are at removing tiny particles from the air. Higher numbers indicate that a higher percentage of smaller particles is filtered from the air.

To keep the air moving properly throughout the HVAC system while at the same time capturing dangerous small-particle pathogens, high-density HEPA filters are used in conjunction with a supplementary booster fan.

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Airflow module

To accommodate different sized HVAC systems, the APS Inline’s Airflow module is available in two sizes:

  • Small Commercial (SC) sized with a high-velocity 800 cfm blower for 2, 3 and 4-Ton HVAC systems
  • Large Commercial (LC) sized with a high-velocity 2000 cfm blower for 5 and 6-Ton HVAC systems
Airflow module

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Air Rover’s APS Inline modules are sold through and installed by independent HVAC contractors in your local community.

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