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Air Rover Supplies Environmental Control Systems Nationwide and Beyond

Air Rover provides environmental control systems (ECUs) for use in aerospace, defense, and commercial capacities nationwide, and internationally via customers’ preferred freight forwarders. Our ECUs can be found in the most remote regions of the world. Built to last, you can expect years of 24/7 trouble-free operations. General Atomics-ASI recently recognized us as a "Supplier of the Year."

Air Rover understands the rigors of being in the field. With our team based in Tyler, TX, we also understand how heat affects productivity. Our portable air conditioning units are purpose-built for critical missions executed by members of the armed forces, engineers, and mechanical contractors. They can lower ambient temperatures by up to 25°F. They are designed to keep interiors at the required temperature and humidity level in stationary and portable structures, soft-sided shelters, mess halls, warehouses, hangars, maintenance shops and many other spaces.

Our Versatile Products Have Wide-Ranging Applications

The Air Rover line of products features ECUs and portable air conditioning units with a wide range of capabilities to meet the varied needs of our customers.

When the mission demands your electronic and other equipment to run optimally even in extreme conditions, choose Air Rover field-proven ECUs. Never worry about keeping your temperature-sensitive equipment from overheating again. Contact Air Rover directly to discuss your project’s requirements. Our sales consultants will help you select the right ECU solution from Air Rover’s product lines, which include our:

  • Ultra-Lite Series
  • Ultra-Lite Vertical Series
  • Ruggedized Ultra-Lite Series
  • Ruggedized Ultra-Lite Vertical Series
  • Ruggedized “Man Portable” Series

And be sure to ask about our portable air conditioning units:

  • Extended Life Portable Series
  • Slim Line Series
  • High-Temperature Series
  • Water Cooled Extended Life Portable Series

Contact Air Rover for Your Environmental Control System

We strive to be the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality environmental control units, and we are well on our way. Our expertise and technological innovation protect spacecraft payloads prior to launch, unmanned aircraft on the flight line, and satellite communication base stations found in the world’s most remote locations. Find out how our environmental control systems can protect your temperature and humidity-sensitive assets. Call our headquarters in Tyler, TX to learn more today.