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Air Rover’s ECUs Have Applications Throughout Many Industries

Environmental control units (ECUs) help keep equipment, technology, and warehouses cool. People, too! When sensitive equipment overheats, it can decrease efficiency, disrupt missions, or even stop operations. Air Rover’s ECUs have practical applications throughout a wide range of industries, including aerospace, military, and technology. Large scale industrial contractors can also benefit from deploying Air Rover ECUs. Our ECUs and portable air conditioning units are highly reliable and precision-engineered to cool your equipment, command centers, and shelters, among other applications. Our commitment to high-quality ECUs led to our recent recognition as "Supplier of the Year" by General Atomics-ASI. Call our headquarters in Tyler, TX today to learn more.

Public Health - Indoor Air Protection

Our company’s engineers have designed a solution to help businesses protect customers, patrons and employees as they transition beyond COVID-19 quarantine directives.

Air Rover’s APS2000 is a powerful, self-contained air protection system than can roll inside or be installed next to a building’s existing HVAC system. It kills Coronaviruses, bacteria and other contaminants while achieving the CDC’s recommended 12 air changes per hour as found in hospital airborne infection isolation (A.I.I.) rooms. Guaranteed to outperform consumer-grade purifiers, the APS2000 provides maximum protection in a much larger indoor area (1,200 sq. ft space with 8’ ceilings).

The APS2000 is ideal for nursing homes/senior living centers, hospitals and clinics, schools and universities, restaurants — any place that needs to ensure their clientele a clean, safe indoor environment.

The APS technology is also available as an upgrade option on many of the Air Rover portable air conditioning lines.

Keeping Technology Systems Cool and Functional

The world continues to shrink as a result of technology keeping us all interconnected. Information technology data centers, electronics, satellite and telecommunications systems are often invisible yet always vital elements of our everyday lives. However, the equipment associated with our technological systems must operate under specific conditions to avoid overheating and failing. Air Rover’s ECUs and portable air conditioners are specifically designed to protect your equipment and maintain proper functionality. Our units can be installed in a variety of configurations: wall-mounted, skid-mounted, cart-mounted, stationary or transportable, and even remotely using ducts and vents. Such versatility allows you to ensure peak performance for your facility or project.

ECU Applications for the Complex Industrial World

The industrial sector is rife with operations that require precise temperature-controlled environments to guarantee safe and reliable chemical or organic processes. Our ECUs and portable AC units developed in Tyler, TX deliver dependable climates to safeguard your operations. Our efficient cooling methods will protect your heat-sensitive equipment and keep it running smoothly. Additionally, our portable AC applications are further beneficial due to their de-humidification option. Our portable AC units will maintain comfortable conditions even when you must operate equipment in humid climates.

Precise Temperature Control for Your Facilities

Air Rover has operated within the specialty cooling industry for more than three decades. In that time, we have honed our ability to create portable AC applications for offices, kitchens, schools, and hospitals. Our portable AC units can keep students, cooks, and office workers cool during the day while maintaining an energy-efficient temperature after hours. Air Rover supplemental AC units can keep big data servers and other sensitive equipment cool when conventional systems are temporarily down for maintenance. Furthermore, our portable air conditioners can be equipped with HEPA filtration, meaning healthcare facilities, laboratories, and production rooms can remain cool and clean.

All-Encompassing Military ECU Applications

There are countless ECU applications for military operations. The armed forces are often in extreme temperatures and harsh environments when performing their expeditionary missions. Air Rover rugged yet agile ECUs ensure mission-critical equipment operates optimally in the field. Among the military-related ECU applications are:

  • Aircraft Ground Support – Our flight line series “cooling carts” provide cooling for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as well as other aircraft, meet stringent requirements for ground support.
  • Hangars/Military Facilities – In facilities such as command centers, hangars, barracks, mess halls, and warehouses, our ruggedized ECUs protect sensitive electronics, test devices, and communications equipment in harsh conditions.
  • Shipboard – Our ECUs exceed the MIL-STD-810 standards for onboard space-restricted marine vessels.

Cooling Outdoor Areas Using Portable Air Conditioning Systems

Air Rover can provide unique cooling capabilities for outdoor areas using our portable air conditioning units. Even in temperatures that exceed 100°F, we can keep your party or company cool and comfortable. Outdoor applications include:

  • Hard-side structures
  • Tents
  • Outdoor pavilions

Precise Environmental Control Within the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace systems necessitate precise, high-performance environmental control. It is critical to space missions that systems remain optimally cooled prior to launch. Otherwise, dire consequences could result. Air Rover offers customized environmental control applications for:

  • Spacecraft containers
  • Spacecraft processing
  • Spacecraft transport
  • Facilities
  • Military satellite antenna hubs
  • UAV ground support

Call Air Rover to Learn About Our Range of ECU Applications

Our ECU applications span several sectors to ensure your equipment is cooled correctly and your operations run smoothly. The units Air Rover manufacture are tough, agile, and mission-ready, with superior cooling power. We have ready-to-go options but can also customize a solution for you. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.