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Air Rover Offers a Suite of Mission-Critical Cooling Products

Systems throughout the military, aerospace, information technology, and telecommunications sectors require extremely reliable precision cooling to maintain proper and consistent function. Air Rover has been meeting these needs for private companies, government agencies such as NASA, defense prime contractors, engineers and mechanical contractors for more than 30 years. Operating from our headquarters in Tyler, TX, we manufacture highly-reliable, precision-engineered products capable of providing mission-critical temperature and climate control. Our suite of solutions includes environmental control units (ECUs), portable air conditioning units, custom air conditioning units, and integrated ECU-Generator systems.

Enhanced Environmental Control Units for All Settings

Since our beginnings more than three decades ago, Air Rover has endeavored to engineer the most efficient environmental control units available. As a result of our constant pursuit of quality and on-time delivery, General Atomics-ASI recently recognized Air Rover Inc. as a "Supplier of the Year" for outstanding quality and delivery performance. We are a leading manufacturer of ECUs for use in aerospace, military, and commercial applications. Our units are utilized in command centers, satellite communications base stations, and various types of shelters and modular structures. We offer our ECUs in a variety of configurations to meet your exact needs:

  • Ultra-Lite Series – Our most versatile ECUs are smaller and lighter than typical ECUs. The units in this series can operate in ambient temperatures ranging from -30°F to 150°F.
  • Ultra-Lite Vertical Series – These wall-mounted ECUs are particularly useful for modular buildings, telecommunications shelters, military shelters, and RADAR domes.
  • Ruggedized Ultra-Lite Series – The durable ECUs in this line meet MIL-STD-810F military standards for vibration and environments. They are compact and versatile, each capable of multiple fast deployments from a single low-maintenance system.
  • Ruggedized Ultra-Lite Vertical Series – This style also meets MIL-STD-810F standards and can be wall-mounted to cool a variety of shelter interiors, including sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Ruggedized "Man Portable" ECU Series – These 1.5-ton and 2-ton skid-mounted man-transportable ECUs are designed to work with a 5kW generator and provide nominal cooling capacity at a temperature of 95°F. Cart kit option available.

Providing "Hi Rel" Portable Air Conditioning Units Nationwide and Beyond

From our plant in Tyler, TX, we manufacture high-reliability and severe-duty portable air conditioning units for leaders in facilities management, information technology, satellite communications, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and many other commercial sectors. With more than 30 years’ experience developing portable air conditioning units, the Air Rover brand stands for quality and longevity. Air Rover’s portable air conditioning product line includes:

  • Extended Life Portable Series – You can mount these units on your wall or ceiling, place them in a corner, or have them dispense cold air into ducts via vents.
  • Slim Line Series – This series of portable AC units is similar to the extended life portable series. However, it includes a detachable condenser converter allowing it to fit in narrower spaces.
  • High Temperature Series – This type of unit is most practical in extreme heat environments such as manufacturing plants, foundries, paper mills, food and pharmaceutical process facilities, and other severe-duty environments to protect workers and equipment from unsafe temperatures.
  • Water Cooled Extended Life Portable Series – This variety was designed for operation in conditions of up to 105°F. You can connect these units to almost any water source for supplementary and emergency cooling.

Custom Air Conditioning Solutions for Your Specific Needs

Our HVAC design engineers have extensive experience. The more challenging the environmental control problem, the better! We develop custom air conditioning solutions using state-of-the-art design tools, prototype modeling, and a unique multi-disciplinary team approach. Our 65,000+ square-foot manufacturing facility in Tyler, TX includes a fully-computerized sheet metal department, high-capacity assembly lines, finishing capabilities, and an on-site test laboratory. We have developed custom portable or semi-portable air conditioning systems for semiconductor companies’ clean rooms, pharma production, electronic enclosure manufacturers, government entities, and commercial R&D companies to name a few. Bring us your project requirements and we will help you realize your vision.

Producing Integrated Ground Support Cooling Systems for UAVs Worldwide

The Air Rover Flight Line "cooling carts" began as a custom solution. But this integrated system has become a mission-critical ground support component for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs) worldwide since they were introduced. The integrated system designed for military UAVs provides custom precision cooling in flight line environments reaching up to 150°F. It includes a mil-grade trailer, an energy-efficient ECU and power cable, an ultra-silent generator, duct and duct storage compartment.

Air Protection Systems (APS) Series

APS portable systems and APS inline modules are built with the air purifying technologies proven in hospitals to prevent the spread of airborne infectious diseases:

  • Chambered UV-C lighting
  • HEPA filtration; and
  • Carbon filtration.

These systems’ high-static fans are unmatched in their powerful airflow and air replenishing capabilities, while still being ultra-quiet.

The portables, APS1000 and APS2000, offer roll in, “plug-and-purify” convenience and up to 12 air exchanges in the space per hour.

APS inline modules offer a flexible, cost-effective way to retrofit existing HVAC systems with exactly the air cleaning support needed.

When you see the Air Rover APS shield decal, breathe easier knowing the indoor air is protected, pure and safe.

Contact Air Rover for Your Custom Precision Cooling Needs

Air Rover has developed a reputation for being a leading manufacturer of custom precision cooling units to meet the needs of all sectors, including aerospace, military, telecommunications, and information technology. Allow us to help you achieve your goals by providing ECUs, portable air conditioning units, integrated ECU-GEN systems, and custom air conditioning solutions tailored to your specifications. Call us today to learn more.